An A-Z of Believing | Q for Quietness

Quietness is desirable but not when it is an evasion of the truth.

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Encounter 15 | An Interview with Daniel Zeichner

On Politics. With increasing polarisation in our nation we talk Antisemitism, Islamophobia and, of course, Brexit with MP for Cambridge, Daniel Zeichner. Is our society becoming less tolerant? How do we break down stalemates between opposing views? And should we have a second Brexit referendum? Featuring Ed Kessler and Daniel Zeichner.

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Encounter 14 | Fundamentalism

On strictly observant religion. In this episode Ed sits down with the Woolf Institute’s own Tobias Müller, and professor Kim Knott, from Lancaster University and the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats to try and add nuance to the way we talk about fundamentalism. How do fundamentalist ideas and behaviour function? Is fundamentalism always a threat? And how do we distinguish between fundamentalism, extremism, radicalism and orthodoxy? Featuring Ed Kessler, Tobias Müller, Kim Knott and David Perry.

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