An A-Z of Believing | I for Incarnation

How does God come down to meet us?

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Encounter 11 | Antisemitism

On prejudice. Daniel Staetsky from the Institute for Jewish Policy Research joins Ed to examine antisemitism based on hard evidence. How antisemitic is our society? Are antisemitism and criticism of Israel linked? And what might the future hold for Britain’s Jewish community? We move beyond public rhetoric to Daniel’s key research into the phenomenon of antisemtism and its diffusion in contemporary society… featuring Ed Kessler, Daniel Staetsky and David Perry.

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Encounter 10| Between Texts, Beyond Difference

On Interfaith. We eavesdrop on a Muslim/Jewish dialogue between Rick Sopher and Shaykh Mogra as they negotiate the parallels between their two religious texts. What are the similarities? How do we manage the differences? And how can understanding each other strengthen our faith? Featuring Ed Kessler, Rick Sopher and Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra.

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